Our MPV Private Car Included

Toyota Innova MPV

This model is built will the coolest features in the market today. From a luxurious interior, spacious enough to accommodate up to 5 passengers, it’s designed to provide the best features in safety and comfort today. With a 1 big luggage option, this premium style model is an ideal option for anyone choosing to travel with a medium-sized or larger family variety.


Toyota Alphard MPV

This is a model that clearly combines class and comfort into its character. The Toyota Alphard MPV model is designed as a luxury MPV limousine to comfortably suit you when traveling with family or friends and it is no wonder that it has emerged as a favorite in Singapore. This powerful model is fitted with 6-7 passenger seats with a 2 big luggage capacity, which is essential if you will be making any important air transfers. With an amazing display of safety fittings coupled into a smooth exterior finish, its performance is guaranteed to satisfy you.


Hyundai Starex MPV

Tagged as the biggest MPV on the road, the Hyundai Starex lives up to its name by being the best choice for long drives. By providing extra room where you can stretch your and relax on any long trips, this model is spacious enough to cater for 10 passengers. Onboard, the seats can conveniently be folded up with to provide extra space for your luggage. The seats can also be configured in a variety of ways to suit other needs that may arise. Not only have a spacious interior, its power and effectiveness on the road, added to an elegant exterior to turn it into an impressive finish for you now.