Explore to the City of Johor Bahru

Johor Bahru is a beautiful and central city located in the southern area of Peninsular Malaysia. You may like to visit Johor Bahru, which is the capital city of Johor and is for all practical purposes the central location in Johor.

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The reason for calling it the central location in Johor is the fact is that this beautiful place is speckled with various shops, restaurants and bars as well as a plethora of old age monuments and historical buildings. Where else can you get all the flavor of Johor at one central location? And like every tourist who is always on the lookout for a hotel at a central location in Malaysia, Johor Bahru with its proximity to various places for shopping, food, and entertainment would certainly meet your requirements.

The historical building along Jalan Tan Hiok Nee

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Sultan Ibrahim Building

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Nostalgic Chinese Old Temple

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There are shopping opportunities galore in Johor Bahru. Your shopping experience here can range from modern malls to bazaars to handicraft centers and markets where you can shop for an extensive range of local and international products. The place is just perfect for you if you are seeking the best in shopping, dining, nightlife or amusement. Whether you wish to shop for books, clothes, footwear, jewelry or other items of arts and crafts, Johor Bahru will certainly satisfy all your shopping desires. Here you can enjoy your shopping experience at top-notch retail outlets, pamper yourself in various leisure activities, and also relish the wide variety of cuisine.

Some of the Johor Bahru’s Shopping Mall

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Monday KSL Night Market at JB

Additionally, you may also like to explore various landmarks in the city such as the Grand Palace, which is a fabulous expression of the distinct Anglo-Malay architecture and the Johor Art Gallery, where you can check out various art collections, artifacts, and many items related to Johor’s history and culture.

Sultan Abu Bakar Royal Palace Museum

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Singapore to Johor Bahru Causeway

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Johor Bahru is also the favorite haunt for visitors from Singapore via the Causeway and offers various attractions. For instance, there is a host of traditional dances including the ‘Ghazal‘, which is a form of contemporary Malay music and the enthralling ‘Kuda Kepang‘, which is a dance for that signifies the movement of horses.

Dance of Kuda Kepang

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Johor Bahru also offers a great culinary experience. When the sun goes down, you will invariably see an array of food stalls and vendors open around the streets. If you are a food enthusiast, you must try the famous Johor Laksa, which is a local specialty. It is a dish of gravy cooked with various spices/coconut milk served with noodles and vegetables. Chinese food is also available.

So if you wish to savor the splendid beauty of Malaysia but do not want the charm and allure to get spoilt by the hustle and bustle of a busy metropolis, then Johor Bahru is the place to go. If you departured at Singapore, then I will recommend you to book a MPV Taxi Singapore to Johor Bahru. Because of this is a much easier way to get you to Malaysia from Singapore.

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